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Bonnie’s Novels.


About Bonnie Toews and John Christiansen

Bonnie's Blog Posts invite our readers and free spirits everywhere to share life's adventures with us. I talk about writing my novels, reading books, chatting with other writers and John's and my journeys around the world. We welcome your anecdotes to our experiences and discussions.
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2 Responses to Bonnie’s Novels

  1. Bev Skwernuik says:

    bonnie, I am starting from the bottom…by talking to ALL my local polticians…about what I know about Lariam. I experienced it first hand, in 1998, and quickly discontinued…thanks very much to the warnings shared by travellers from Australia and New Zealand. They couldn’t beleive Health Canada was prescribing it, cause as they quickly learned from the hundreds of young Australian backpackers, there were just too many reported adverse effects…and doctors there were no longer comfortable prescribing it. that was 1998!!! and yet, Canada still denies. It is real, the side effects can be horrible in some cases, and of 9 of us travellers at the time, ALL chose quickly to discontinue Lariam, based on what were personally experiencing, by what stories we heard, and by simple choice and preference. Too bad soldiers were ORDERED to take it…and didn’t have that choice.

    • Bev, thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, it is a mind boggling how the Canadian military continues to ignore growing proof that for some Lariam or mefloquine is a neural toxin. Thank you for your comment and your advocacy. Every voice counts.

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